Mapping the Emotional Body with Chi Nei Tsang 

This class by Gilles Marin is about Chi Nei Tang and emotional work. You will learn a complete method to release the deeply seated emotional charges that are at the origin of major physical and mental symptoms.

Drawing from his twenty-five years of teaching experience, Gilles Marin cultivates and combines Chi Nei Tsang manipulations and QiGong formulas such as the Microcosmic Orbit, Iron Shirt QiGong, Bone Marrow Nei-Kung, Buddha Palms and the Fusion of the Five Elements, blending them into a remarkable discipline with astounding results.

The Somato-Emotional Level is itself composed of two Levels. In Somato-Emotional Level One, we will explore the following:

  1. Philosophical concepts
    The Healing Field Healing and life purpose Differences between thoughts and emotions Emotions are the food of our soul: we digest emotions and grow from them, leading to emotional maturity
    Some emotions are indigestible
    The Five Intelligences
    The Six Conditions for Healing
    The Fusion concept of recycling and digesting emotions
    The Ba-Kua and 8 primary trigrams
    Yin perseverance and the 3 phases of healing

  2. Chi-Kung and Functional Meditations
    The Fusion of the Five Elemental Forces (4 formulas)
    Win-over Chi-Kung
    Floating Golden Fish
    Essence of Tai’Chi Misogi: 8 directions purification ritual
    Laughing Chi-Kung

  3. Hands-on techniques
    The use of the emotional landscape
    Routine of the 8 quadrants
    Floating the head, letting go of “control”
    Scanning The secret closet door
    Emotional support and validation through emotional releases
    Mapping the emotional digestive tract
    Mapping the emotional joints and articulations
    Mapping the emotional internal organs
    Wood mental and emotional profile - issues of protective anger
    Metal mental and emotional profile - issues of depression and hopelessness
    Fire mental and emotional profile - issues of cruelty and madness
    Water mental and emotional profile - issues of fear and terror
    Parental issues and the hips
    Prescribing Healing Arts and other activities.

    Pre-requesite: Fusion of the Five Elements