Assoicate Instructor Training

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A path for Body, Mind and Spirit

The UHT Certification Path is based on building a strong foundation of core practices, which becomes the trunk of a progressively growing tree with many possibilities to round out your practice in a holistic way and also specialize in one or several branches.

Global Network

You are supported by an experienced faculty, well-grounded system and a globally renowned network of practitioners and instructors. In respect for our founder Grandmaster Mantak Chia we highly recommend to study and train with him whenever there is a possibility for you to do so.

 The UHT Foundation with its network of

  • Global Faculty
  • Continental Coordinators
  • Branch Leaders
  • Country Coordinators and
  • Country Organizations or Associations

is passing down the educational curriculums in alignment with the UHT Foundation principles.

Branches and Curriculums 

Within the UHT System there are 5 Branches having their specific curriculums in how to develop mastery within their fields of specialty. Business support and mentorship will be provided through local teachers, organizations and websites.

Associate Instructor Training

Evaluation and Certification

  1. Letter of Intention
    Write a letter announcing your intention for becoming an instructor.
  2. Letter of Recommendation
    From a certified Associate, Full or Senior UHT Instructor who supports you becoming an instructor.
  3. UHT Passport
    Please record in your UHT Passport any hours of training in UHT seminars, courses, retreats etc. Those hours will count for the fulfilling of your prerequisites to attend a UHT Associate or Instructor Training.
  4. Structure of hours and workshops
    1 hour = 60 min. ; 1 day max. 8 hours
    • Retreat (4 - 6 days / 32 - 48 hr)
    • Weekend Workshop (16 - 20 hr)
    • One Day Class (6-8 hr)
    • Weekly Classes or ongoing classes (1 - 2 hr)
    • Individual Training (open)
  5. Interview / Certification Test
    An interview is necessary for certification and upgrading, one on one during training or later by skype or telephone. Tested and given feedback by one Senior Instructor and one Full Instructor (highly recommended).
  6. Testing Fee
    Pay testing fee to your Educator (check local country for certification fee)
  7. Certificate
    Your certificate will be issued by your local Instructor’s Association and given at the end of your training or sent within one month after the training is completed. If you have trained with Grandmaster Mantak Chia in Tao Garden or at an international workshop where there is no local Instructor’s Association, your certificate will be issued by Global UHT Faculty Asia and sent to you within one month after the completion of your training.
  8. Registration Form & Ethics Agreement
    Please sign and give to your Educator
  9. UHT Foundation and / or Local Instructors Associations Membership Fees
    There maybe local or global membership fees, which will entitle you to listing on instructors websites and other benefits.
  10. Teaching and Business Support
    You will be given coaching how to proceed when you start to teach. Teaching support includes: recommended books and other resources, connecting with a mentor and local groups of instructors. You will be given an orientation to website (password and profile), logo, marketing, and networking. 


Associate Instructor Training Path

total Training 110 hours

  1. Home Study
    Read books or practice with Home Study DVDs related to Tao Energy Basics
  2. Prerequisite Training
    Minimum of 60 hours or more of preparatory training, which may be facilitated by any level of Instructor, before attending the Associate Instructor training and certification process. Preparatory hours may include: classes, workshops, retreats or private instruction. Related experience will be evaluated and exceptions will be considered by the Senior Instructor and / or Country Associations. Senior Instructors have the discretion and flexibility, case by case asking a minimum of 60 or more preparatory hours.
  3. Letter from Trainee
    Write why you want to become an instructor
  4. Core Practices  -  Tao Energy Basics
    A minimum of 40 hours needs to be in Tao Energy Basics
  • Inner Smile
  • Healing Sounds
  • Microcosmic Orbit 
  • Chi Self Massage
  • Simple Qigong Warm up
    (Spinal Cord Breathing, Kidney Breathing, Shaking, Crane & Turtle Neck and other warm ups)
  • Basic Iron Shirt (Tree & Turtle)
  1. Supportive Practices 
    30 hours out of the min. 60 or more hours may come from: Healing Love, Iron Shirt II & III, Fusion I, Tai Chi I, Tan Tien Qigong or Tao Yin.
  2. Personal Practice
    A personal daily practice in the UHT Basic Practices for a minimum of 6 months to one year is recommended.
  3. Associate Instructor Training week / Certification 
    Attending this training is only possible after having taken the prerequisites 
  4. Certification Training Hours 
    • 40 hours with a Senior Instructor 
    • Interview with a Senior Instructor to test the Tao Energy Basics 
    • Teaching only after Certification
    • Associate Instructors are only allowed to teach Tao Energy Basics in the area where they live.