Inner Alchemy - Fusion of 5 Elemente I-III

Harmonising the Five Elements I

Recycling of the negative Emotions

Web Fusion 1Healing the emotional past One of the eight principles for energy work is learning to complete whatever we start.

Finishing is important because every time we start something we set in motion a cycle of energy flow seeking resolution. If a cycle is not completed then the energy it carries is not liberated for other purposes.

Our unfinished situations from the past are all cycles holding a tremendous amount of potential energy. Enough to succeed at whatever we set out to do. The ability to set a goal, sustain it and carry it to fruition depends on efficient energy flow between heaven, earth and our energy system. Unfinished situations are like speed bumps and roadblocks we present the life force with.

The Fusion of the Five Elements I

is designed to help us bring to conclusions the cycles from the past and open the energy system to receive the infinite flow from the universe. Whatever we set out to do is accomplished not through hoarding energy but rather through allowing the infinite ocean of the life force to flow through us and be directed to the goals we set.

The ability to dig into our past and persevere at resolving old issues is made possible through everything we have set in motion with the introductory practices and the level of personal integrity which has emerged. One of the products of the Fusion I is a powerful sense of inner stability unaffected by the turmoil in the world. This is manifested as an effortless ability to inspire others to do their best.

Prerequesite: Microcosmic Orbit, the basic course

Web Fusion 2Fusion of the Five Elements II

Empowering the positive emotions In the Fusion I we work clearing the past, finishing cycles and learning to transform negative emotional states into pure vitality. All the other practices lead us to a state of greater efficiency and sustained balance. With these conditions a positive emotional state begins to develop with greater frequency and last for longer periods of time.

The positive emotions arise when the organism is vibrating at higher frequencies than usual. Negative states manifest when the energy flow is taking place with difficulty and the organism is energetically fragmented.
In the Fusion II we nurture the positive emotions arising from each organ. We consciously blend this variety of high frequencies into one which is the energy of pure compassion. We then circulate this high frequency through the meridian system in order to raise the vibratory level of the entire energy system. At first these positive states are experienced for a limited time and then gradually we resonate back to our ordinary state of consciousness. However with regular practice the energy system begins to change and eventually reintegrates itself at the higher frequency level of the practice. This results in a shift in consciousness and a qualitative change in our relationship with others, ourselves, the planet and all other beings, as well as a new level of physical, emotional and mental health.

The energy of compassion is utilized to raise the frequency of the central channel and the supporting channels around it. This level of work lays the foundations for the right alchemical ingredient in the higher practices of Fire and Water. The Fusion II gives us the ability to generate extraordinary energies in order to bring about extraordinary results.

A common mistake for those who rush through the Fusion I and the basic practices is that they approach the higher alchemy with ordinary energy hoping to obtain extraordinary results. Ordinary energy is only capable of producing ordinary results.

Higher alchemy requires extraordinary ingredients of exceptional quality and integrity.

Web Fusion 3Fusion of the Five Elements III

Integrating the meridian system at higher frequencies
The higher frequencies of compassion and sustained positive states is utilized at this level to harmonize the entire meridian system. In ordinary circumstances the central channel is the only meridian where yin and yang interact generating creative energy.

The rest of the meridian system is polarized as either yin or yang. In the Fusion III, creative energy is circulated through the whole meridian system rapidly raising the frequency of the whole system. The meridian system and the life force are different names for the same thing which is consciousness.

Raising the frequency of the meridian system means raising the level of consciousness above the plateau of ordinary states. This level brings the practitioner to the limits of the yang practices where personal effort and personal initiative are the driving force in practice.

The Creation doesn’t take place with yang energy only. There is the yin or receptive. Beyond the Fusion III begins the stage of receptivity where our previous actions begin to generate a reaction from the universe.

This is the stage called ‘The Yin Practice’.

Prerequesite: Fusion I & II