Chi Nei Tsang Fundamentals

(NOTE: The Universal Healing Tao Basics is required before you can take the CNT Fundamentals class.)

An introduction to Taoist medicine and the principles that have ruled Traditional Oriental Medicine for thousands of years through the practical use of Qi exercises (QiGong) and the gentle manipulation of the internal organs for physical, emotional and spiritual healing, well-being, disease prevention and longevity.

Discover why Chi Nei Tsang is the ultimate step for good health, fitness and life enjoyment.

  1. Philosophical concepts Taoist Healing Energetics as a true holistic modality. Healing vs fixing. What are pains and symptoms? What is Chi? What is internal Alchemy? Taoist cosmology and the Five Elemental Forces

  2. QiGong and Functional Meditations
    Earth Relationship QiGong
    Bone Breathing – Bone Packing
    Easy Breathing: full diaphragmatic breath

    The 7 levels of individuation of the Microcosmic Orbit
    Golden Fish The Healing Buddha Palms Sunning
    Sleeping QiGong

  3. Touch
    Touching for inner communication: The Listening Touch
    Touching for guidance: The Power of Gentleness Touch
    Touching for higher consciousness: The Peace Touch

  4. Specific Techniques - Breath consciousness
    The navel as the hub of the fasciae
    Navel rim feed-back touch
    Differentiating navel rim and navel roots
    Detoxifying the skin
    Abdominal exploration
    Deep lymphatic drainage: “Rock’n’Pump”
    Finding the colon
    Enhancing peristaltic movement
    Lateral breath opening – opening the door to emotions
    Opening the Wind Gates
    Spleen pump
    The pancreas and the 3 Laws of Dietary Hygiene
    Liver treatment – addictions – detoxifying process
    Kidneys and adrenals – assessing for kidney stones
    Listening to the small intestine
    Insomnia and the stress response
    Caressing the spine from the abdomen
    CNT on the back (using leg leverage)
    Dermatomes, skin markings
    Main acupuncture points used 

We will explore these and many other topics on the road to understanding a truly holistic approach to health, healing, and lifetime wellness. By the end of the course, you will be able to perform a basic one-hour Chi Nei Tsang treatment on yourself and others.