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Foto: Renu Li

Juan Li

Juan Li began his studies of self-development practices in 1970, upon graduation from Brooklyn College, in New York.


He received a degree in Ancient Chinese History, specializing on the influence of the I Ching on Chinese culture.

From 1971 he began in Nepal, where he resided for six years, the study of meditation, dream yogas and mantra with a series of Indian and Tibetan teachers. During this period his main teachers were Lama Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche of east Tibet, Lama Sangye Tenzing of Nepal, Lama Kongtrul Rinpoche of eastern Tibet and Yogi Nitaigiri Babaji of Orissa, India.

From 1979 he began learning in Japan with Takizawa Sensei of the Shinto system centered on the sacred mountain of Iwakiyama. It is there that one of the teachers introduced him to the esoteric aspect of the I Ching. During this same period he began to study the Chinese martial arts with Sifu Sih Ho Chu who taught him two styles of Tai Chi and one of Kung Fu over a period of seven years.

In 1982 he met Daoist Master Mantak Chia in New York, with whom began a long period of collaboration in the editing and illustration of twelve books. In 1996 Juan Li, together with Mackenzie Steward helped write and illustrate under the supervision of Master Mantak Chia, the book, The Inner Structure of Tai Chi.

From 2008 he has been refining the practices on death and transcendence with Lama Ayang Rinpoche, from whom he received in 2009 the transmission of the True Nature of Mind in Bodhgaya India. The central practices of Juan Li are the dream yogas and mantra. One specialty he has been developing from the start of his journey has been the I Ching as a guide to the entire process of self development. Since 1988 Juan Li has been teaching the complete Daoist system in 16 different countries of Europe and the Americas.

The teachings are developed utilizing the guidance of the inner structure of the I Ching. This approach to practice he has named ‘I Ching Dao’ From 1996 he has specialized on the emotional, mental and psychic obstacles encountered by western practitioners, giving emphasis to the need to raise the level of consciousness instead of orienting the practices to seeking short term powers.

At present he resides in Spain, from where he has formed a group of instructors on the different levels of the I Ching Dao program.

In the future he will be offering Webinare / online Workshops! See his website for further information.

His website: www.ichingdao.org