SET: Energy-Egg & YinTao-QiGong-CD

Eier-Set-200B-langEnergy Egg of your choice
the CD #214-es with the recording of the warm up QiGong and Meditation of a YinTao-QiGong Workshop for women (English / Spanish)

Please inform us in the ordering process which egg you like:

# 300A Jade normal or 300B small
# 302A Rosequarz normal or 302B small
# 303A Aventurin normal

If you do not make a choice we deliver the Jade Egg, normal size (A). 

Nephrit und Obsidian can not be part of this set. If you like either one of this stones included in the set it will cost 10 Euro more. Please mention this is your order and you wil receive another invoice with the correct amount of 40 €uro.


SKU: 200B