The rapid pace of change and the enormous amount of information processed by our nervous system is pushing many people to the edge of their capacity to cope with daily life, much less fulfill the wish for health and happiness we all seek.

The mind can be conceived as a space that is infinite, clear and impartial, like a movie screen. Upon the screen of the mind are projected the films of our thoughts, dreams and every day activity.

This infinite space we artificially limit with our beliefs, fears and unresolved unconscious patterns. Within that limited space we attempt to do everything that needs to be done in our lives.

The problem is that our limited mental space is saturated with an avalanche of new information pouring through with every message we get through the phone, e-mail, TV or other social media.

In this program we learn a combination of two practices that can rapidly help us clear mental congestion and fatigue, expand mental space and access the deep impartial mind of pure creative energy. These are maintenance practices that, the more often they are repeated, the more efficient they get and the less time they require. F

rom an initial sitting practice, one can eventually clear mental space and access the deep impartial mind anywhere we are.

In this training we learn:

  • The structure of the mind and where to go to clear mental fatigue and access the deep impartial mind
  • The structure of the individual consciousness and how to clear the turbulence of the superficial mind
  • The mantras for clearing and strengthening the individual levels of the mental structure
  • How to access creative energy and the signs when it is available