Awakening the Inner Guide

Awakening the Inner Guide

The Inner Guide is a function, which is built-in in us in order to help us to create a life on earth according to its ultimate goal. Before coming into the world each living being makes an agreement with the universe.

According to this contract we agree to take all necessary actions to realise our particular life purpose. The universe in turn agrees to provide us with all the necessary conditions to help us fulfil this goal. And the universe places a part of itself inside of our chest in order to help us remember this agreement. This is what we call the Inner Guide.

The Inner Guide is like a compass that shows us the direction in life, which we should go. However most of modern people are not aware of this function, have no communication with their Inner Guide and often live their lives without finding out anything about their mission in life, without realising their purpose of life, or without growing their consciousness.

Not feeling well, sickness, misfortune or not being able to enjoy life comes when we deviate from our purpose of coming into this world. Lack of communication with our Inner Guide makes us blind and helpless in the whirlwind of daily life. In taking decisions we are compelled to be guided by public opinion, based on false standards, ideas and tendencies.

As a consequence we stop being authentic, truly fulfilled and happy. Many people think that signs showing them their right direction in life or good advice how to act in a particular situation can only come from outside. However already ancient practitioners knew that our best teacher and guide in life is residing right within us.

Taoist teacher Juan Li is an authentic modern teacher who transmits practices on raising consciousness. In the upcoming live webinar Juan Li will share with us practices for awakening and starting communication with our Inner Guide. Four sessions of two hours each will be devoted to highlighting this important aspect and to practicing together. With practice your communication with the Inner Guide will then gradually become more conscious and you will be able to take important decisions based on being guided by the simple approach: will this help me realising my mission or not? Establishing a strong relation with our Inner Guide can help us to free ourselves from other people`s life scenarios and to fulfil our purpose of why we came into this life.