TAO Yoga & QiGong

Self-healing and spiritual development

Universal Healing TAO

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The Universal Healing Tao also known as TAO Yoga & QiGong
is a complete system for developing
greater Vitality, Creativity, Self-Healing and Inner Peace
founded and brought to the West by the Taoist Grand Master Mantak Chia

"Master Mantak Chia and his Universal Healing TAO system is well known all around the world with a great series of books, videos and workshops that makes learning these ancient techniques simple and accessible.

TAO means the way.
Taoism is a philosopy and sience of the lifeforce energy called ‘Qi’ (Chi).

The TAO has its roots in ancient China and searches for harmony in everything.

QiGong are simple movements and methods for relaxation using breathing exercises and mental power training.  These simple practices are done sitting, standing or laying down and aim to grow more Vitality and further the Selfhealing abilities of the body.

We offer the following workshops from the Universal Healing TAO system (mostly in German).
Available teaching formats are

- Weekend Workshops or 
- Retreats (several days with accomodation)
- Individual Sessions & Coaching